Definition of un-ionized in English:



(also British un-ionised)
  • (of an atom, molecule, or substance) not ionized.

    ‘When some substances are placed in a solvent, the un-ionized form remains a solid, while some of it ionizes into cations and anions in the solution: CD C + + D - (aq).’
    • ‘The adsorption and partition characteristics of un-ionized PCP as compared to ionized PCP molecules in egg-phosphatidylcholine membrane show that un-ionized PCP has greater affinity to the membranes.’
    • ‘Nine PA molecules were also grouped in the ratio 6: 3 un-ionized / ionized PA to make a 33% ionized PA monolayer.’
    • ‘Wet chemical tests used on farms measure the sum of the un-ionised and ionised ammonia or total ammonia nitrogen.’
    • ‘It appears that the levels of Ammonia and un-ionised Ammonia being discharged from the outflow broke EC regulations and they had to do something pretty fast.’



/ˌənˈīənīzd/ /ˌənˈaɪənaɪzd/