Definition of unabashedly in English:



  • Without embarrassment or shame.

    ‘he was staring unabashedly at her’
    • ‘his job, he unabashedly proclaims, is second only to the director’
    • ‘the film presents an unabashedly biased point of view’
    • ‘The unabashedly poetic film depicts the turmoil experienced by a group of adolescents over the course of a summer in a dilapidated Southern town.’
    • ‘For the most part, however, this collection is unabashedly geared toward Reagan fans.’
    • ‘They unabashedly explain the techniques they use to tug at viewers' heartstrings.’
    • ‘This is most certainly "a Cronenberg film" in that he is unabashedly presents a topic that most people overlook in their daily lives.’



/ˌənəˈbaSHədlē/ /ˌənəˈbæʃədli/