Definition of unabating in English:



  • Not weakening or losing intensity.

    ‘unabating enthusiasm’
    • ‘the wind was unabating’
    • ‘A beautiful and lyrical middle interlude provides a brief respite amid music of unabating virtuosity.’
    • ‘But his misfortune was unabating: she was bitten by a snake and died.’
    • ‘Her sister's selfishness and inertia were unabating.’
    • ‘Government support for the cable project came largely from Field's unabating conviction that the cable should be an international project.’
    • ‘The only variety on this journey through unabating forest and palm plantations was a policeman arresting a fellow passenger.’
    • ‘I've no desire to harbour unabating paranoia about my neighbours.’
    • ‘The apparently unabating national and household poverty is widely debated.’
    • ‘When she was again at home with him he treated her no less cruelly than heretofore; yet still she continued to love him with unabating affection.’
    • ‘The breakthrough was hailed as a turning point in television and an indication of an unabating shift toward Internet-delivered entertainment.’
    • ‘The maddening howl of the wind blowing around the little house makes the presence of sound constant and unabating.’



/ˌənəˈbādiNG/ /ˌənəˈbeɪdɪŋ/