Definition of unabsorbed in English:


Pronunciation /ˌənəbˈzôrbd/ /ˌənəbˈzɔrbd/ /ˌənəbˈsôrbd/ /ˌənəbˈsɔrbd/


  • Not taken in or soaked up; not absorbed.

    ‘unabsorbed nutrients’
    • ‘ELISA values of unabsorbed serum were compared with those for serum absorbed with HSA or with fungal antigens.’
    • ‘Giardiasis affects the body's ability to absorb fats from the diet, so the diarrhea contains unabsorbed fats.’
    • ‘The existing provisions relating to amalgamation of companies were rationalised by relaxing the existing conditions for carry forward and set off of accumulated losses and unabsorbed depreciation.’
    • ‘Earlier generations of people, by and large, ate a balanced meal and also did a lot of physical labour, which helped burn the accumulated, unabsorbed excess fatty matter in the body.’
    • ‘The washing and centrifugation steps were repeated three times to remove all unabsorbed solutes.’
    • ‘This avoids it picking up any unabsorbed light passing straight through from the LED, while the glass substrates act as waveguides to channel fluorescence to the detector.’
    • ‘It may well be that the impact of the media's relentless attacks on the administration is still largely unabsorbed, but will surface in the months to come.’
    • ‘In addition, unabsorbed lactose has an osmotic effect not unlike that of lactulose, a synthetic laxative, increasing the amount of fluid retained in the bowel.’
    • ‘The Al-treated cells were spun down and completely washed three times with deionized water to remove unabsorbed Al ions.’
    • ‘An infrared cell directs infrared energy through the sample and any unabsorbed energy at the other side is detected.’
    • ‘We can regard the unabsorbed fibre content of food to be the broom that sweeps the intestines clean.’
    • ‘This is a mixture of indigestible remnants, unabsorbed water, and millions of bacteria.’
    • ‘Sometimes a washout of the bowel is also done in the hope of removing unabsorbed toxin.’
    • ‘The author proposed that there may be four major sources: undigested and/or unabsorbed portions of diets, exfoliation of intestinal cells, hepatic bile secretion, and methylation of I-Hg.’
    • ‘In 1971, Rotta, Lancefield, and associates developed a double-diffusion agar method for identifying M-type GAS strains using unabsorbed M-type antisera 56.’
    • ‘It is a deodorant, but not an anti-perspirant; it works by adhering to the skin unabsorbed, mixing with perspiration, and killing the odor-causing bacteria that sprout and live on the surface.’
    • ‘Our bodies depend on unabsorbed calcium to neutralize potentially harmful byproducts of digestion that can promote colon cancer and kidney stones.’
    • ‘Thus, in cases of repeated heat exposure, having higher than normal bile flow rate, the enterohepatic circulation of bile acids is likely to be broken, since a large fraction would remain unabsorbed in the small intestine.’
    • ‘Diarrhea may be the result of unabsorbed lithium in the large intestine pulling water into the lumen by osmotic pressure.’
    • ‘A deficiency in this enzyme results in incomplete digestion of complex carbohydrates, causing unabsorbed and undigested sugars to move into the large intestine.’