Definition of unacademic in English:


Pronunciation /ˌənakəˈdemik/ /ˌənækəˈdɛmɪk/


  • 1Not adopting or characteristic of a scholarly approach or language.

    ‘his language was refreshingly unacademic’
    • ‘Contemporary subjects were not in themselves taboo, but Manet's moody treatment, his indistinct outlines and background - in short, his unacademic approach - offended the public eye.’
    • ‘This was brought home to me at university where I had given a lecture on political rhetoric and had taken the opportunity to make fun, in passing, of this lady and her unacademic grasp of key political issues.’
    • ‘Employing a method he dubs ‘outrageously unacademic,’ he deftly links the biblical text to contemporary situations that cry for justice.’
    • ‘At school a number of teachers probably looked out for me but it was then a very unacademic school.’
    • ‘The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development has been called a think tank, a monitoring agency, a rich man's club and an unacademic university.’
    • ‘On stage, he's smart but unacademic; attractive yet mildly awkward; friendly but acerbic.’
    1. 1.1(of a person) not suited or drawn to academic study.
      ‘At school, Sayle was unacademic, uninterested and usually in trouble.’
      • ‘I think it's a really good idea to let the unacademic kids leave school and study a trade.’
      • ‘In many ways, especially among the scholarly men around her, she was regarded as a quite unacademic woman.’