Definition of unaccented in English:


Pronunciation /ˌənˈakˌsen(t)əd/ /ˌənˈækˌsɛn(t)əd/

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  • 1Not spoken with or characterized by a particular accent.

    ‘his English is fluent and unaccented’
    • ‘The process was simple: composers strictly followed the metre of the verse, setting long, accented syllables as minims, and short, unaccented ones as crotchets.’
    • ‘In addition, accented and unaccented versions of all four types were created: Either all tones in a sequence had equal intensity, or some of the tones had higher intensity.’
    • ‘This was most commonly spelled ‘Estharlyng’ at the time, and if as is probable this indicated a short, unaccented initial vowel, the aural consonance of bird's name and place name would have been closet than it is now.’
    • ‘The mezzo-soprano also proved that she is still the only Bulgarian singer to have mastered unaccented pronunciation of German and a clear diction, so essential to the art of singing.’
    • ‘The first, second and sixth lines clearly begin with a trochaic foot, while the third, fourth, fifth and seventh lines contain an extra unaccented syllable.’
    • ‘Specialists tend to just assume that this is because word-final unaccented vowels tend to fall away.’
    • ‘Again, the preference is at least in part metrical: personal pronouns are normally unaccented, so that the uninverted pattern has an alternating accent pattern on its constituents.’
    • ‘Hawkins also said the intruder had an ‘African’ accent, while Walker's diction is crisp and unaccented.’
    • ‘As I walked down the corridor on the way to the elevator, the examiner called out to me, this time in perfect unaccented English: ‘Oh, Dr Clarfield.’’
    • ‘His voice was unaccented, yet contained a deep, exotic tenor that rang with a sophisticated firmness.’
    • ‘To execute any passage with grace, it becomes necessary to make a distinction between accented and unaccented notes.’
    • ‘There is some documentary evidence for xenalalia having taken place; in the Mukti Revival for instance, the report of non-English speaking Indian people suddenly breaking out into clear, unaccented English.’
    • ‘The only characters that mattered were good old unaccented English letters, and we had a code for them called ASCII which was able to represent every character using a number between 32 and 127.’
    • ‘Mr. Chidress told us about meeting you in the wild last night,’ He said in perfectly unaccented English.’
    • ‘‘Don't worry,’ he said to her in unaccented Japanese, ‘Jack Scott is very good, you'll be safe.’’
    • ‘For the participants who attended to intensity, the positively correlated and the unaccented baseline comparisons yielded higher sensitivity than did the other types of comparisons.’
    • ‘Then he grinned, and said in unaccented English, ‘Forever.’’
    • ‘Ali is a good man, called by Ruddock a Pakistani from Quetta though he, his wife and his children speak unaccented Farsi like other Afghan Hazaras and neither Urdu nor Pashtu, the languages of Quetta.’
    • ‘One of the two practice sessions consisted of 72 trials with unaccented sequences, and the other consisted of 72 trials with accented sequences.’
    • ‘His reply was in clear, unaccented Corinthian.’
  • 2(of a word, syllable, or musical note or chord) not stressed or emphasized.

    • ‘there may be any number of weak or unaccented syllables in a foot’