Definition of unacceptability in English:


Pronunciation /-ˌseptəˈbilətē/


See unacceptable

‘The paper also notes that, within the older generation, there is a growing acknowledgement of the unacceptability of the use of force and the dishonour that force brings.’
  • ‘He said he considered the directive as ‘a shot across the bows for authorities who are behind in their statutory duties as well as a signal to the illegal operators concerning the unacceptability of their activities.’’
  • ‘It shows that there's a lot of people who share our convictions about the unacceptability of violence against women.’
  • ‘Mrs Cryer added: ‘The idea is that the posters will raise awareness about the unacceptability of dropping litter.’’
  • ‘Elaine Hanson, spokesperson for the Centre, said: ‘I cannot emphasise enough the unacceptability of our current position.’’