Definition of unacceptably in English:


Pronunciation /ˌənəkˈseptəblē/ /ˌənəkˈsɛptəbli/

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  • In a manner that is not satisfactory or allowable.

    ‘stop the bus if anyone is behaving unacceptably’
    • ‘waiting lists are unacceptably long’
    • ‘Naturally, rhyming slang was adopted by anyone who wanted to introduce a few salty phrases into the conversation, without being unacceptably offensive.’
    • ‘Attempts to increase depth of field by stopping down the aperture resulted in the projected image becoming unacceptably dim.’
    • ‘The situation is only today finally being recognized as unacceptably burdensome.’
    • ‘Where modeling and analysis slow things down unacceptably, intuition and improvisation must prevail.’
    • ‘Now of course, an animal rights person probably believes that the horse and the hounds suffer unacceptably, along with their quarry.’