Definition of unaccommodating in English:


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  • Not in harmony with the wishes or demands of others; unhelpful.

    ‘Shops are generally unaccommodating and some fast food chains demand proof of purchase and even a small donation in order to use their toilets.’
    • ‘It saddened me to read Mrs Senior's letter and the unaccommodating tone that was portrayed.’
    • ‘This mass of towering, buckled stone and fluted snow is the most unaccommodating zone on Earth, and the painter, in his own words, is ‘not trying to force an egotistical or mystical image upon it’.’
    • ‘The first of the week was always the most difficult and unaccommodating as pressers relaxed in anticipation of the coming days.’
    • ‘The Lambs of London is beautifully written and effectively creates a nineteenth century world of intellectuals and entrepreneurs who are following dreams and trying to forge their own way in such an unaccommodating world.’
    • ‘Technically, Phillips should have been at the forefront of that, not prostrating herself improbably in grubby community centres, and bringing her own herbal tea bags to unaccommodating restaurants.’
    • ‘There are many, many of us who believe that to give women the suffrage will be to compel her to move into a sphere that is harsh and unaccommodating - and unnatural.’
    • ‘In actuality it came from the name of a bird - the Willow inker - that had a dreadfully loud caw, not to mention a terrible unaccommodating personality, and happened to live in a willow tree.’
    • ‘The harsh frost ensured that the thawed out playing field quickly became a sticky unaccommodating surface and Addingham nearly slipped up against their struggling opposition.’
    • ‘How unaccommodating that I am unable to dance.’
    • ‘‘Bitten by the Tail Fly’ is probably the most unaccommodating track, its disjointed nature incorporating new wave and whispered poetry is an intriguing, but ultimately unsatisfying effort.’
    • ‘Kline recounts how the REA's ‘Utilization Division’ pushed new and expanded uses of electricity onto a sometimes attentive but unaccommodating farm population.’
    • ‘That I was so willing to help them retrieve you from government possession, when I had been so unaccommodating of his other requests, likely has something to do with his way of thinking.’
    • ‘But I would like to thank the National Party for being so unaccommodating and not allowing this matter to proceed in the simple procedural way suggested by a Statutes Amendment Bill.’
    • ‘‘The multicolored present actually redeemed an unaccommodating past here,’ Iyer writes.’
    • ‘Like Ines and Susana, Beatriz takes refuge from a rigidly structured, unaccommodating, and cruel world by alienating herself from it.’
    • ‘To top it all off the staff members were unaccommodating to the point of being rude and unnecessarily shifted passengers around mid-journey.’
    • ‘When they decide to have an honest go at life, they find the world cold and unaccommodating to their unbridled enthusiasm.’
    • ‘Such appeals are unaccommodating of, and negate, special treatment or consideration for particular groups.’
    • ‘Those unaccommodating managers may be trying to show your new team just who's in charge.’
    awkward, contrary, difficult, unreasonable, uncooperative, unhelpful, obstructive, disobliging, unaccommodating, troublesome, tiresome, annoying, vexatious, obstreperous, disobedient, unmanageable, uncontrollable, recalcitrant, refractory, rebellious



/ˌənəˈkäməˌdādiNG/ /ˌənəˈkɑməˌdeɪdɪŋ/