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‘He confessed, ‘as an industry, many of us have been remarkably, unaccountably complacent.’’
  • ‘And while it's good to see Rocky Elsom airlifted from the abyss to which he had suddenly been unaccountably assigned, what exactly did John Roe do last week to go from upstart entry straight back to Coventry?’
  • ‘The interviews she has given in advance of the book make fascinating reading, and will strike a chord with the thousands of women who, like me, have woken up one morning to find themselves suddenly and unaccountably middle-aged.’
  • ‘Amy seems unaccountably to have slipped in Lee's estimation, for in June 1887, again in a letter to her mother, she had said of her that she was one of the five people in London she ‘was most pleased to see’.’
  • ‘Williams sometimes seems to be testing her skills by writing from a basket of words selected in advance: the word ‘sandbag’ keeps unaccountably floating to the surface.’



/ˌənəˈkoun(t)əblē/ /ˌənəˈkaʊn(t)əbli/