Definition of unaccounted in English:



unaccounted for
  • Not included in (an account or calculation) through being lost or disregarded.

    ‘a substantial amount of money is unaccounted for’
    • ‘Penalties may also be applied in the case of an inactive account or of any unaccounted for withdrawals in your returns.’
    • ‘But at this point, the Pentagon is just listing them as missing and unaccounted for.’
    • ‘Multitudes of people are still reported missing and unaccounted for.’
    • ‘However, three Irish people were among those still unaccounted for.’
    • ‘Of 48 persons reported missing during the year in the region, only one remained unaccounted for at the end of the year.’
    • ‘The Evening Press reported in August how the money, believed to be in notes, was unaccounted for - sparking a major inquiry.’
    • ‘Four others are still unaccounted for, and officials say those people may not have been home at the time of the fire.’
    • ‘A criminal investigation is now underway, and at least one document is still unaccounted for.’
    • ‘One person remains unaccounted for after Sunday night's storms and tornadoes.’
    • ‘By 8 p.m. it was understood that Eoin Barry and Gerry Shannon were still unaccounted for.’
    • ‘Ten Britons are unaccounted for and described as of ‘particular concern’.’
    • ‘Fancy that - not only are the funds unaccounted for, but they are protecting those that won't respond!’
    • ‘Although most of the totals were posted, several voting districts were left unaccounted for.’
    • ‘Those inspectors said large quantities of biological agents remained unaccounted for as recently as this year.’
    • ‘The authority claims £200,000 it paid the company to set up this year's festival was still unaccounted for.’
    • ‘French sources claim that samples of Benchellali's ricin have been found in the UK and say several jars are unaccounted for.’
    • ‘Today, of course, they and many other known weapons are still unaccounted for.’
    • ‘Just look at the problems in the Defence Department with hundreds of millions of dollars in assets unaccounted for.’
    • ‘Most are unknown to authorities and unaccounted for in statistics, seeming to have disappeared and be living on the edges of society.’
    • ‘Late last week up to 700 of its staff were still unaccounted for.’
    lost, mislaid, misplaced, nowhere to be found, absent, not present, gone, gone astray, unaccounted for



/ˌənəˈkoun(t)əd/ /ˌənəˈkaʊn(t)əd/