Definition of unaccredited in English:



  • Not recognized as having attained an acceptable standard.

    ‘a mail-order degree from an unaccredited correspondence school’
    • ‘Unfortunately the royal colleges do not have a mechanism to assess the standards of unaccredited cosmetic surgeons who are currently practising.’
    • ‘At the present time there's about 4.8% of childcare centres in Australia that are unaccredited because they're not meeting our standards at the present time.’
    • ‘The problem is that many ecotourism operations are unaudited and unaccredited, and there is no shared standard to ensure that they are low-impact.’
    • ‘One of the first, strongest members of a school as unaccredited as the culture under study, Chang still welcomes his work's infinite ruptures: new facts, new interpretations, new bass lines of theory and samplings of empirical signs.’
    • ‘Also, graduate schools or professional boards often do not recognize students' degrees from an unaccredited school.’
    • ‘Anchorage's universities used to be unaccredited, he explains, ‘so all the intelligent, professionally minded women escaped to the lower 48 when they hit 18 and never returned.’’
    • ‘So Iowa State has one thing in common with unaccredited Bible colleges and medieval heresy tribunals - our Bible scholars think they can tell our astronomers how to do their jobs.’
    • ‘Australia's shortage of GPs in the bush and other areas in need, is increasingly being filled by unaccredited overseas trained doctors.’
    • ‘Because Selma University was unaccredited, Spring Hill wanted Motley to enter as a freshman, which she found intolerable.’
    • ‘Another Spartan student said that his undergraduate degree came from an unaccredited chiropractic school that American medical schools were unlikely to recognize.’
    • ‘In fact, an aide to the Senate committee that investigated the Callahan scandal had enrolled in an unaccredited school.’
    • ‘Three unaccredited schools provided data showing that 463 of their students were federal employees.’
    • ‘They were clinically assessed by one of four accredited Ear, Nose and Throat Registrars, two unaccredited ENT Registrars, or two general practice trainees.’
    • ‘Authorities have shut down the unaccredited schools that prey on immigrants.’
    • ‘More recently, as chair of CPA's Graduate Education Reform Task Force, he worked successfully to pass legislation to stop the proliferation of regionally unaccredited schools of psychology in California.’
    • ‘Accreditation also serves as a marker of legitimacy, and students from unaccredited institutions may have difficulty transferring credits to other institutions or entering graduate or professional programs.’
    • ‘In an industry where the ability to look good in a polo shirt and the willingness to sit through a weekend workshop and pass an unaccredited exam can lead to a ‘personal trainer’ business card, excellence is hard to come by.’
    • ‘One school in Florida didn't have an accredited undergrad program, which infuriated students who wanted to pursue an MBA, so they developed their own unaccredited MBA program.’
    • ‘Students at unaccredited schools cannot receive federal financial aid.’
    • ‘For example, they state that elements of a distance education program can be contracted out to unaccredited entities, but they don't specify limits for outsourcing.’



/ˌənəˈkredədəd/ /ˌənəˈkrɛdədəd/