Definition of unachievable in English:



  • (of an aim or objective) too difficult to be achieved.

    ‘an unachievable political goal’
    • ‘Complete elimination of performance-enhancing drugs from any sport is an unachievable ideal.’
    • ‘In a general sense, a third bank is a place unachievable by the living.’
    • ‘The athletes competing in the 2004 Olympics have trained to a level unachievable for most people.’
    • ‘We have made loads of attempts to engage with management in the past few weeks over the unachievable targets they have set our members.’
    • ‘Its twisted character does not make the mission unachievable.’
    • ‘Electromagnetic propulsion could take us to the heliopause at a speed unachievable by conventional spacecraft.’
    • ‘Obviously the only reason for the charge is to generate more tax revenue based on unachievable promises.’
    • ‘The objective of the indiscriminate, retaliatory attack on Afghanistan will be most likely unachievable.’
    • ‘The key to success will hence be your will to achieve the unachievable.’
    • ‘Achieving a bipartisan consensus on pensions is not an unachievable chimera.’
    • ‘Unanimity on all perplexing problems created by multilateral treaties is unachievable.’
    • ‘The process of becoming healthy is like some kind of asymptotic aim towards an unachievable end.’
    • ‘In his third year, Richard achieved what many thought was unachievable: He scored 50 goals in 50 games.’
    • ‘Current targets are low enough to be unachievable for most patients.’
    • ‘To seek such an unachievable goal would be prohibitively expensive.’
    • ‘Jozef achieved the unachievable by crossing the most dangerous border in the world, the Iron Curtain.’
    • ‘Security is this amorphous, not understandable, unachievable, impractical thing.’
    • ‘Making sure that everyone has their basic needs fulfilled is not an unachievable task.’
    • ‘It then lobbied to lower the tough targets in its ten-year contract, complaining they were unachievable.’
    • ‘Patients often are overwhelmed by large goals that seem unachievable.’



/ˌənəˈCHēvəb(ə)l/ /ˌənəˈtʃivəb(ə)l/