Definition of unadapted in English:


Pronunciation /ˌənəˈdaptəd/ /ˌənəˈdæptəd/


  • Not adapted.

    ‘animals unadapted for surviving shocks’
    • ‘It is another case of Hollywood immersing its hand in the bag of ‘Plan B's ‘where the yet unadapted TV series seem to reside.’’
    • ‘Smith's style has an agitated energy that is nicely extended to the Chalfens, but it is rather unadaptable, or at least unadapted to the book's more nuanced characters, who are seen in the same constant light.’
    • ‘Yet in the next case the same judge may reject the appeal to creativity and insist on strict adherence to past ‘doctrine’ and old legal authority, unchanged and unadapted.’
    • ‘No tools for hunting, too small and weak to complete with other scavengers, teeth (in the gracile form) unadapted for plant eating, they seem to have been unable to even feed themselves.’
    • ‘Stage history As its multiple early editions suggest, the play was popular before the Civil War (played at court in 1604 and in the 1630s), and it was revived in unadapted form soon after the Restoration in 1660.’
    • ‘Use of recommended cultural practices, fertilization, and control of plant pests is of little practical value if the seeds do not produce healthy, vigorous plants or if an unadapted variety is selected.’
    • ‘Feedback regulation by low Pi can also be seen at low temperature which slows the rate of sucrose synthesis and photosynthesis can become limited in plants unadapted to cold due to sequestration of Pi in pools of intermediates.’
    • ‘Night shift workers are usually unadapted: they are therefore trying to work at the lowest ebb of their alertness and performance rhythms, and have problems sleeping, out of phase, during the day.’
    • ‘This strategy is especially useful for the discovery and transfer of valuable QTL alleles from unadapted donor lines into established elite breeding lines.’
    • ‘CD artifacts are less likely with this configuration than when a quarter-wave plate is added to an unadapted CD machine.’
    • ‘The groups of population most at risk are those that are unadapted and exposed to much higher UV-B radiation levels than in their native locations.’
    • ‘You won't learn the subtleties of footwork and frequently repeated rocks will suffer erosion from dirty or unadapted shoes.’
    • ‘It is an unadapted screenplay, though the original - straight and musical - was brilliant.’
    • ‘Seen from a reasonable standpoint that is a very bad condition to be in, for such people become so unadapted that they have to be confined.’
    • ‘Finally, and most controversially, it covers everyday, unadapted items, which are capable of being used to cause injury.’
    • ‘This unadapted edition of the libretto enables students to enjoy the language of one of France's cultural treasures.’
    • ‘Changes in thermal demand in restrictively fed, unadapted, young calves were studied during the first days after transportation.’
    • ‘A study was done to determine if various organic acids differ in their inhibitory or lethal activity against acid-adapted and unadapted Escherichia coli.’