Definition of unadjusted in English:



  • (especially of figures or statistics) not adjusted or refined.

    ‘the unadjusted jobless total increased last month’
    • ‘The unadjusted figure, which offers less clear guidance of what is really going on, fell from 10.3% in September to 10.1% in October.’
    • ‘The unadjusted figure does not smooth out the impact of a seasonal pick-up in recruitment in September as factories and businesses get back to work after the summer holidays.’
    • ‘But Mr McQuaid believes we should look at the unadjusted figures which take into account the actual number of people signing on.’
    • ‘Plasma Aroclor 1260 is presented as both unadjusted and adjusted for total lipids.’
    • ‘We revised the statistical plan to employ adjusted rather than unadjusted analyses after publication of the initial protocol but before we conducted any analyses.’
    • ‘Note that, in this part, all these results are based on the performance measure between model predictions and adjusted real data, not unadjusted real data.’
    • ‘The average increase in adjusted and unadjusted returns is higher for CANPRIVs than that for privatizations in other countries.’
    • ‘The authors conducted the analysis with the use of an adjusted and unadjusted statistical technique.’
    • ‘We determined both unadjusted and Bonferroni adjusted significance levels to account for multiple group comparisons.’
    • ‘Some reported both unadjusted analyses and analyses adjusted for covariates, which appropriately informs readers of the role confounders had.’
    • ‘Differences between unadjusted and adjusted results were quite subtle.’
    • ‘Odds ratios are shown unadjusted and adjusted for sex, father's social class in childhood, and mother's education.’
    • ‘The figure shows the unadjusted mortality curve over the first 30 postoperative days.’
    • ‘Specifically, we examine the unadjusted and market-adjusted returns earned by shareholders of CANPRIVs during the five-year period following privatization.’
    • ‘We first cumulated these returns to obtain the cumulative sum unadjusted and market-adjusted returns for the selected aftermarket time horizons.’
    • ‘Clearly, the unadjusted fee for a single medical procedure does not adequately represent its ‘price.’’
    • ‘In fact, the unadjusted number of permits on homes not yet started jumped in March, suggesting snow and heavy rains forced builders to hold off on some new projects.’
    • ‘But even in unadjusted dollars, the level of tech outlays has recovered all but a smidgen of the losses suffered during the recession.’
    • ‘It seems that higher ownership concentration affects risk-adjusted returns more than it affects unadjusted returns.’
    • ‘Morey extends this work by calculating for load funds load-adjusted returns in addition to unadjusted returns.’



/ˌənəˈjəstəd/ /ˌənəˈdʒəstəd/