Definition of unaffectedly in English:



See unaffected

‘The lines stand as they stand, reading precisely, unaffectedly and naturally, giving the sense of life as it is, or ‘just as it happened.’’
  • ‘Painter Philip Oliver Hale depicts the composer in Ades' London home reclining-at once elegantly refined and unaffectedly insouciant-on an armchair with his feet resting upon an ottoman.’
  • ‘Most of his greatest ballets were designed to trust and capitalize on the particular gifts of a performer: to let her be herself, only beautifully, unaffectedly more so.’
  • ‘Blair writes unaffectedly and charts her personal growth with honest self-deprecation.’
  • ‘Westerners expecting the standard sleek decor and prissy presentation will be disappointed, but those who crave unaffectedly plebeian Japanese flavors will return again and again, as do multitudes of homesick Japanese.’
  • ‘While I agree with most of your points, madam, I'm afraid you do not speak unaffectedly of love.’



/ˌənəˈfektədlē/ /ˌənəˈfɛktədli/