Definition of unaggressive in English:



  • Tending not to attack without provocation; not hostile or violent.

    ‘this breed of dog is fearless but unaggressive, happy to please but not a pushover’
    ‘the passage attracted favourable comment for its unaggressive tone’
    • ‘All kinds of things might happen here, I suppose: till the weekend there were the SAS sheep, and even now there is Miss Dog; she is notably unaggressive, but there's a limit to the amount of slime and saliva anyone can stand.’
    • ‘The representation of Leonello's long skull, resolute but unaggressive chin and flat, perhaps broken, nose is more incisive than in the moulded portrait medallion Pisanello copied from it.’
    • ‘It wasn't just that she, in a perfectly nice and unaggressive way, didn't seem to get that it might be a problem.’
    • ‘He despised the ‘soft, unaggressive music (and non-threatening images) ‘of artists like Michael Jackson or Luther Vandross.’’
    • ‘The Canadian brand of hero is ‘flawed, ordinary, unaggressive, committed to truth and justice, but rather plodding in his pursuit of it…‘’
    • ‘Being unaggressive, they also spend their lives quietly under the care of many Bulgarians who love animals.’
    • ‘On both occasions the monk took a firm but unaggressive stance and spoke calmly to the animal, which crashed off into the underbrush.’
    • ‘When they did move, they seemed unhurried, graceful and unaggressive.’
    • ‘His list of virtues is a remarkably unaggressive, uncompetitive, one might almost say womanly list.’
    • ‘It was primarily his French ambitions which made King Henry relatively unaggressive in Britain.’
    • ‘In the past, research indicated that females were most often expected to use instrumentally unaggressive strategies; deviating from such strategies resulted in a negative expectancy violation, and thus less chance of compliance.’
    • ‘A foreboding low guitar riff and complete silence back the singer's obscure musings in equal measure, creating an intimidating atmosphere; almost threatening, but in a strangely unaggressive way.’
    • ‘But the rather unaggressive ant above, in Bako National Park in the Malaysian state of Sarawak, on the island of Borneo, feeds rather than fights.’
    • ‘All through February, the talk has been that teams - even those with copious amounts of cap space - will be unaggressive in the market.’
    • ‘Other than that, he was very unaggressive and silent.’
    • ‘This little package of dense black fur is fearless but unaggressive, happy to please but not a pushover, a tad stubborn but a complete lovebug.’
    • ‘I was also pleasantly surprised by how effective yet unaggressive the molded-in frame texturing was.’
    • ‘But now Amanda was sick of being the sweet and unaggressive one all the time.’
    • ‘It will not work to teach kids to be unaggressive because we do not have a society dominated by Quakers and pacifists.’
    • ‘However he had proven to be one of the most unaggressive canines to ever walk the earth.’
    self-effacing, retiring, unassuming, modest, demure, quiet, meek, humble