Definition of unalterably in English:



See unalterable

‘A hash is taken of the nub which was just loaded, and the 160-bit hash is stored unalterably in the PCR, and remains there for as long as the system continues to operate in trusted mode.’
  • ‘While unfortunate, this illustrated the danger of dependency on others - kind of like how we're currently dependent and seemingly unalterably tied to the United States economy.’
  • ‘I am unalterably opposed to the concept of ‘republican lite’.’
  • ‘Along with the fever came the growing perception that the Democratic Party has been unalterably changed, regardless of the identity of the eventual nominee.’
  • ‘Were it otherwise, it would remain at best a ham-fisted attempt to to ‘objectify’ the unalterably subjective.’
  • ‘Nonetheless, I unalterably oppose the constitutional amendment prohibiting its desecration that is scheduled to be sent to the Senate floor soon.’



/ˌənˈôlt(ə)rəblē/ /ˌənˈɔlt(ə)rəbli/