Definition of unambitiously in English:



See unambitious

‘But to fail as Jeffrey Harrison does, so unambitiously, so droopily, to leave the plate with three called strikes-it smacks of faithlessness, of a kind of shrugging perfidy, a knowledge of what's expected.’
  • ‘These are failed poems, and they fail unambitiously, and there is even a sense in which their failures are repetitive, merely typical.’
  • ‘Nestling between the likes of The Fast and The Furious and Rush Hour, Half Past Dead tries unambitiously to be this year's biggest action flick.’
  • ‘It was this sorta stapled, tabloid-type thing on stiff paper, well printed but unambitiously laid out.’
  • ‘This band sports an unambitiously simple sound.’



/ˌənamˈbiSHəslē/ /ˌənæmˈbɪʃəsli/