Definition of unamenable in English:



  • Not responsive to suggestion or persuasion; difficult to persuade or control.

    ‘the protesters were unamenable to rational debate’
    • ‘On that point my mind is unamenable to persuasion.’
    • ‘Slavery remained an intractable and growing problem, unamenable to existing British naval and diplomatic activity.’
    • ‘Although continued arrests will land an individual in jail for 30 days if they are determined unamenable to treatment, the new law makes serving time less likely.’
    • ‘One consequence of his death is that his personal opinions are now set in stone, unamenable to adaptation.’
    • ‘There were, however, several regiments of Ho-nan irregular cavalry, all of whom were reckless horsemen and unamenable to anything like discipline.’
    • ‘This is why I am very unamenable to the notion that we should switch to a gold or any other commodity-based standard.’
    • ‘In 1946 The British Medical Journal suggested that the "good-time girl unamenable to discipline and control" was a serious social problem.’
    • ‘Capitalism, therefore, is simply unamenable to any 'causal analysis'.’
    • ‘Once operational, the prototype under construction will be largely unamenable to "new ideas".’



/ˌənəˈmēnəbəl/ /ˌənəˈminəbəl/ /ˌənəˈmenəbəl/ /ˌənəˈmɛnəbəl/