Definition of unanalyzable in English:



(British unanalysable)
  • Not able to be explained or interpreted through methodical examination.

    ‘unanalyzable recorded data’
    • ‘The Self, in short, is an eternal, seamless whole, self-identical, beyond phenomenal appearances and unanalysable, yet to be achieved and known through yogic meditation.’
    • ‘If the distinction were primitive and unanalyzable, this might be the only way to explain it.’
    • ‘Some have suggested that Winnicott immediately realized that Khan's narcissism made him essentially unanalyzable.’
    • ‘Of the 210 patients from the STAMPEDE study, 15 were excluded because they were readmitted to the hospital during the study period, and 9 were excluded because they had technically unanalyzable ECG data.’
    • ‘But they confess to being unable to explicate the concept, and they ultimately resort to treating it as an unanalyzable base on which to erect a theory of physical lawfulness.’
    • ‘Individual substances - this man or that horse - apart from their accidental characteristics - the qualities, etc., that inhere in them - are viewed in that work as essentially simple, unanalyzable atoms.’
    • ‘Endgame points to witnessing consciousness through the unending quest for escape; as an unanalyzable state of being, we know it only through a priori intimations of inner experience.’
    • ‘Thirty-five embryos either were unanalyzable or had no dividing blastomeres.’
    • ‘I know, I imagine that this unanalyzable feeling changed what remained for him of existence.’
    • ‘There seems to be a pattern of failure, which might suggest that causation is simply unanalyzable.’
    • ‘It shows a composite semantic unit paired with a phonologically unanalysable unit.’
    • ‘But the word cat cannot serve as a name in the Tractatus's sense, nor a cat as an object, for cats are complex, analysable things - they are, as it were, states of affairs - whereas objects are simple, unchanging, and unanalysable.’
    • ‘Moreover, one may accept certain unanalysed kinds of coincidence-determination without committing oneself to the inflexible position that these kinds of coincidence-determination are unanalysable.’
    • ‘Such judgement necessarily involves personal instinct and flair, ‘strokes of unanalysable genius’.’
    • ‘It may be, of course, that no such answer to our question is possible, because it may be that the concept of ‘cause’ is basic and unanalysable.’
    • ‘In the essay I suggested that Feldman's music was unanalysable and, as a result, DeLio refused to print it.’
    • ‘We have to regard this relation as primitive or unanalysable.’
    inexpressible, undefinable, beyond description, beyond words, beggaring description, nameless, incommunicable, ineffable, unutterable, unspeakable



/ˌənˌanəˈlīzəb(ə)l/ /ˌənˌænəˈlaɪzəb(ə)l/