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‘Guess we're all confined to unattractiveness and those dreadful 1950s thick rimmed spectacles that according to stereotype all academically sound people wear.’
  • ‘Each started her career riffing on the fact that her brand of unattractiveness made people uncomfortable.’
  • ‘Thus, the benefits of mass appeal and electioneering competence are minimized, and so are the penalties of unattractiveness and incompetence.’
  • ‘It is even possible that something akin to racism could evolve one day, as those who are financially challenged will be branded as such by their unattractiveness.’
  • ‘But the unattractiveness of casting the net of responsibility as widely as this is far outweighed by the unattractiveness of the alternative outcome.’



/ˌənəˈtraktivnəs/ /ˌənəˈtræktɪvnəs/