Definition of unauthentic in English:



  • Not made or done in a way that reflects tradition or faithfully resembles an original.

    ‘an unauthentic final duet’
    • ‘the fondue has been rejected as being unauthentic’
    • ‘However, some people have invented some special rituals or practices in this month, which are not supported by reliable resources of the Shari'ah or are based on some unauthentic traditions.’
    • ‘He wrote that the fascination of sexuality in a negative form has long been a feature of Christianity and that the crucifix had been rendered unauthentic by this negative sexual mindset.’
    • ‘When we got the first hint that there might be something unauthentic about this story or the reporter's background, we went to general quarters and investigated.’
    • ‘Some thought was given to the possibility of creating artificial cobwebs, but it was decided that it would be impractical and unauthentic in a museum which prides itself on its authenticity.’
    • ‘A wise editor recently suggested to me that Americans sense that ‘organized’ religion is unauthentic.’
    • ‘Did they think that a movie about Russia would be somehow unauthentic if the characters sounded like, you know, Russians?’
    • ‘DeMille-the-Christian-artist was not being overly zealous, perverse or unauthentic here.’
    • ‘However since the tapes have now been declared unauthentic and fabricated, she has filed a defamation case against the tabloid.’
    • ‘The kilt inevitably comes off, with unremarkable, and allegedly unauthentic, results.’
    • ‘The Color Purple was a failure, a thin, unauthentic film - and its creator seemed bewildered.’
    • ‘All subsequent war has been subsumed in a rite which we know to be unauthentic.’
    • ‘Henry proposes that, far from being commodified, unauthentic representations, such tourist performances ‘open up’ for Aboriginal people a means for exploring different possibilities of being.’
    • ‘Within this student-generated text, reading and writing instruction is presented naturally, unlike the unauthentic dialogues found in the typical beginner's foreign language book.’
    • ‘You wonder at the judgement of God that such unauthentic, crass, impudent lies not only lived, but prevailed for so many centuries.’
    • ‘Certain religious expressions may be designated as divergent, popular, unauthentic, trendy and so on, by whoever holds the power to define what is right and wrong, genuine or spurious.’
    • ‘The single strand of evidence that is accepted as authentic often turns out to fit all too neatly a particular theory which is being advanced; inconvenient evidence is set aside as unauthentic.’
    • ‘So they were unauthentic and resisted in passive ways.’
    • ‘To continue this unnatural, unauthentic, and destructive behavior, men and women must lie to themselves.’
    • ‘The process of separating some of these elements, which are then related to new contexts, is perceived as spurious and unauthentic.’
    • ‘Most of the published quotes attributed to Morihei Ueshiba have an unauthentic ring to them.’



/ˌənôˈTHen(t)ik/ /ˌənɔˈθɛn(t)ɪk/