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(also British unauthorised)
  • Not having official permission or approval.

    ‘unauthorized access to the computer system’
    • ‘Four other bishops were detained for refusing to join the official church or conducting unauthorized services.’
    • ‘He is suspected of breaking Japanese laws prohibiting unauthorised computer access.’
    • ‘No unauthorised personnel could gain access and he had no reason to suspect any of his staff.’
    • ‘This statute would prohibit unauthorized access into a computer or computer system.’
    • ‘Several problems are mentioned including the unauthorised vehicular access and the illegal use of the water area.’
    • ‘She reminded motorists that it was still illegal for unauthorised people to drive over the barrier and along Stonebow.’
    • ‘They're charged with conspiracy, computer fraud, wire fraud, and possession of unauthorized access devices.’
    • ‘Triple DES is used to prevent unauthorized access to information.’
    • ‘American Airlines disclaims any liability in the event that any third party gets unauthorized access to your personal data.’
    • ‘The court reasoned that using the userid and password in violation of a contractual provision was an unauthorized access.’
    • ‘Cuba is cracking down on unauthorized use of the Internet by prohibiting access via the government phone service.’
    • ‘We were warned that the authorities do not take unauthorised access, indeed any infringements, lightly.’
    • ‘Forty-five per cent of respondents detected unauthorised access by insiders.’
    • ‘There must be an unauthorised use or disclosure of that information.’
    • ‘They want regulation to prevent unauthorised access of personal details being processed abroad.’
    • ‘There was a civil war on, and I was going to pose as an agent for a large buyer to conduct an unauthorised study of an illegal activity.’
    • ‘The access road will be closed so the unauthorised parking areas can be fenced off so shoppers cannot use them.’
    • ‘The locked box may be an operating system using a secure file system to protect data from unauthorized access.’
    • ‘Remember, churches have a lot of sensitive data that we don't want unauthorized people to access.’
    • ‘The goal is to prevent unauthorized persons from gaining access to secure areas by posing as employees.’
    unofficial, unsanctioned, uncertified, unaccredited, unlicensed, unwarranted, unapproved
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/ˌənˈôTHəˌrīzd/ /ˌənˈɔθəˌraɪzd/ /ˌənˈäTHəˌrīzd/ /ˌənˈɑθəˌraɪzd/