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‘Just occasionally, perhaps, we should have the humility to see the awfulness of the world that they inhabit, and which they strive so unavailingly to control.’
  • ‘This is a mantra which must be engraved in the wall at Tannadice, because it's the line which Paul Sturrock repeated endlessly and unavailingly.’
  • ‘They looked eagerly but unavailingly for ‘some business that we can carry on in connection with our trap-business, to which we can shift our help when our trap-trade slackens up.’’
  • ‘But what really incensed the Americans was the moment when a supposedly impartial linesman openly massaged Tiriac's cramping leg and, unavailingly, urged him on to victory.’
  • ‘This ambition took on new life with the outbreak of war, the steel company lobbying the government - unavailingly - for resources to build it.’



/ˌənəˈvāliNGlē/ /ˌənəˈveɪlɪŋli/