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  • 1Not believing someone or something; incredulous.

    ‘Drew could only stand there, wide-eyed and unbelieving’
    • ‘I have known people on the verge of surgery for cancer or bypass surgery who have been declared healed by their unbelieving doctors.’
    • ‘I blinked, unbelieving, at a churning mass of flames fully 2000-ft across.’
    • ‘Unbelieving, wide-eyed tourists pressed their noses up to the cage to get a better look.’
    • ‘He was met with an unbelieving public that refused to elect him.’
    • ‘Unbelieving, he emailed the casino then emailed them again.’
    • ‘The pale man looked at the change in his hand and then unbelieving up at the assistant.’
    • ‘Yet every year when Bolton applies for city status and fails, everyone throws their arms up in unbelieving despair.’
    • ‘He systematically builds up the suspense until ultimately the ending comes upon you surprisingly, almost shockingly, leaving you cold and unbelieving.’
    • ‘The entire neighbourhood had gathered, quite unbelieving of the charge.’
    • ‘Suzan stood there in complete silence, unbelieving, a red hand mark evident on the taller girl's face.’
    • ‘However, the plot itself seemed thin, with much of it involving fantastical stories told by the main characters to an unbelieving lawyer.’
    • ‘Unbelieving, she tries again: "Are you sure we can't get you anything, you're perfectly welcome?"’
    • ‘I gasped hard, unbelieving at the warmth.’
    • ‘We all watched and listened, almost unbelieving, as the tragic event became international news.’
    • ‘We called them home and together we all sat frozen, unbelieving, shocked and devastated for the rest of the Sabbath.’
    • ‘Edward, though unbelieving at first, soon sees Lucy's cruelty.’
    • ‘She had the audacity to look unbelieving.’
    • ‘It seemed clear to me now what she had wanted from me this morning but I had been unbelieving.’
    • ‘We who have had the scene before our eyes are as startled and as unbelieving yet as when we saw it.’
    faithless, non-believing, agnostic, atheistic, non-theistic, heathen, pagan, infidel, irreligious, unenlightened
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    1. 1.1Having no religious beliefs, or not following a particular religion.
      ‘they were to preach to the unbelieving people’
      • ‘Jesus said the unbelieving world will know Christians by their love for each other.’
      • ‘But the ministers I called on were all unbelieving men and modernists.’
      • ‘The example of St George, his faith and his courage, are needed today in a wicked and unbelieving world.’
      • ‘The latter defect, at least, can be explained as the accustomed reserve of the Christian apologist when writing for hostile or unbelieving readers.’
      • ‘Yet it embraces too many theological elements to be considered merely secular, philosophical, or unbelieving.’
      • ‘This fruit distinguishes us from the unbelieving world all around us.’
      • ‘The unbelieving liberal agenda which the Anglican Bishops have made their very own religion results in this tragedy.’
      • ‘There is a very great difference between an unbelieving infant and an unbelieving adult.’
      • ‘This does not mean that we are not to have unbelieving friends.’
      • ‘Yet fire is the portion to which the Christless and unbelieving will come.’
      • ‘Paul wrote that it is Satan, not God, who blinds the minds of the unbelieving.’
      • ‘Its excommunication banished the unfaithful and unbelieving to the horror of outer darkness forever.’
      • ‘Note that Paul spoke to these unbelieving Gentiles about judgement, not the gospel of the grace of God.’
      • ‘But now Jezebel, Israel's unbelieving queen, was after him, and he had to flee for his life.’
      • ‘In the meantime, they are to be careful not to align with these unbelieving nations, intermarry with them, or worship their false gods.’
      • ‘The statistics are clear; once the average person becomes a believer in Christ, he or she loses contact with all unbelieving friends within two years.’
      • ‘The fact that it is lacking in the world where it should penetrate the unbelieving, is embarrassing.’
      • ‘We will be given the same opportunities as other members of the church to give Christian witness in an unbelieving world.’
      • ‘Paul thought that a believer could divorce and remarry if the unbelieving partner called an end to the marriage.’
      • ‘How can our unbelieving friends be made to credit the sincerity of our convictions?’



/ənbəˈlēviNG/ /ənbəˈlivɪŋ/