Definition of unbendable in English:



  • 1Not able to be bent; stiff.

    ‘unbendable ski poles’
    • ‘Aikido people often demonstrate how an almost straight arm is practically unbendable.’
    • ‘The creature's vertebrae are shaped like hockey pucks, and they're stacked so close to one another that the spine is essentially unbendable.’
    • ‘During the action Hamilton's left wrist was shattered, an injury which left the fingers in his hand shrivelled and unbendable.’
    • ‘We headed home, me now with two fingers now swollen to the size of German sausages and utterly unbendable and a deep, abiding worry over the condition of my hand.’
    • ‘Choose a tool with unbendable metal.’
    rigid, stiff, non-flexible, unyielding, unbending, unbendable, taut, hard, firm, inelastic
    1. 1.1Not able to be changed or adapted.
      ‘rigid, unbendable rules’
      • ‘obeying his commands with unbendable allegiance’
      • ‘The striker's hitherto unbendable faith in his own abilities is suffering.’
      • ‘The tone of her voice made everything final and unbendable.’
      • ‘Do we experience the birth of the legend of Lancelot's unmatched fighting prowess and unbendable chivalry?’
      • ‘Matron is a dutiful workhorse and tyrant of a head nurse, ruling over her hospital wards with an unbendable set of regulations.’
      • ‘Their stubborn individuality makes them unbendable.’
      • ‘Conservative evangelicals fear that a younger generation is straying from unbendable biblical truths.’
      • ‘These are fin de siecle documents, grand apocalyptic opinions, unbendable and intractable, often fermented in a social and political cocktail.’
      • ‘Australia has strict, unbendable procedures for qualifying for the nation's Olympic swimming team.’
      • ‘She made the best parts of the modern world fit into Butcher Hollow's unbendable pieties and unbreakable family bonds, making feminism transferrable to Middle America in the process.’
      • ‘After being so long without her child, her ladyship's mind was not unbendable.’



/ˌənˈbendəbəl/ /ˌənˈbɛndəbəl/