Definition of unbundle in English:



[with object]
  • 1Market or charge for (items or services) separately rather than as part of a package.

    ‘banks may be forced to unbundle costs and charge extra for each cheque processed’
    as adjective unbundled ‘all systems are now sold unbundled’
    • ‘But it was forced to drop the WebPC price to $799 in Spring - partly by unbundling the Internet service, and last month quietly shelved the idea.’
    • ‘Initially, unbundled wholesale services will be available in Bristol, Warrington and Leeds with a further 27 exchanges being deployed between now and the beginning of next year.’
    • ‘Some 385 businesses now have unbundled services from Easynet.’
    • ‘OEMs aren't in a position to unbundle Windows service packs even if they wanted to.’
    • ‘If ever there was a good reason for Telecom NZ to unbundle its local loop service and offer it to competitors, this is it.’
  • 2Split (a company or conglomerate) into its constituent businesses, especially prior to selling them off.

    ‘the company's decision to unbundle its retail holdings comes at a bad time’
    as noun unbundling ‘the unbundling practised by leveraged buyout specialists in the 1980s’
    • ‘It is generally the case that if the stock market identifies an easy value increasing option, such as selling out to a hostile bidder or unbundling the businesses, then under-performing managements will be punished.’
    • ‘It has instituted billing by which a subscriber has the right to receive a single bill even if it uses the services provided by several unbundled telecom companies.’
    • ‘Large firms engage in outsourcing, subcontracting, and unbundling as a business strategy to spread their risks and in the process small firms emerge and develop.’
    • ‘Building on the integrated e-business infrastructure, companies unbundle operations, outsource noncritical activities, and create supply chain communities.’
    • ‘Speculation that Centrica was planning to unbundle its telecoms business surfaced at the weekend with reports suggesting that the company had already been contacted by potential buyers.’