Definition of unburnt in English:


(also unburned)


  • 1Not damaged or destroyed by fire.

    ‘the remains of a campfire with unburnt wood and dry ashes’
    • ‘‘We'll draw straws,’ Nick said, reaching forward and pulling an unburned twig from the fire.’
    • ‘Hydrophobicity has been recorded in dry, unburned soils but may be intensified by fire.’
    • ‘In both burned and unburned areas, Wood Thrushes selected nest sites with higher cover of ferns and forbs in comparison to random sites.’
    • ‘He quickly gathered old leaves and unburned pieces of wood and put them strategically on his grandfather's body.’
    • ‘We still have a lot of engines up here because there's a lot of unburned area between where the fire is now and the community below us.’
    • ‘The amount of methane generated by wildlife is colossal, yet nothing is mentioned about that or waste tip venting of unburnt methane to the atmosphere.’
    • ‘Cleanliness has been improved as well, with unburnt hydrocarbons being recycled back into the chamber, for another torching.’
    • ‘The alarms were put down to unburnt fuel on aircraft take-off.’
    • ‘I have never seen a new Smith of this period that didn't have its action full of metal shavings, unburned powder (presumably from test firing) and other crud.’
    • ‘If you take out all the over-travel, all it takes is a speck of dirt or unburned powder in the wrong place and the gun won't fire.’
    • ‘Fire was an important tool during European settlement, and many catastrophic fires occurred due to the build up of unburned fuels in the form of slash generated from land clearing.’
    • ‘They pounded through unburned grass on the up-gulch side of Dodge's fire so that Dodge's fire acted as a buffer to the main fire.’
    • ‘He poked at the fire with a stick pushing unburned dung cakes into the centre.’
    • ‘There were differences in foliar nutrient concentrations between burned and unburned sites; differences were most pronounced immediately following the fire and then diminished over the summer of 1997.’
    • ‘Foliar concentrations of N, P, K and Mg in red maple and oak seedlings were significantly greater on the burned site than on the unburned site immediately following the fire.’
    • ‘In contrast, we observed no adverse consequences associated with shifts in nest placement, because nesting success for the Wood Thrush did not differ between burned and unburned areas.’
    • ‘Lawsuits can slow Forest Service efforts to salvage log burned areas or thin unburned ones, but he grossly exaggerated it.’
    • ‘It's an early emission-control device that injected pulses of fresh air into the catalytic converter to help burn up any unburned fuel that managed to get that far.’
    • ‘Among other things they met with several curiously formed graves containing urns with burned and unburned bones.’
    • ‘A gasoline can was seized as evidence after it was found atop an unburned pile of traps.’
    1. 1.1(especially of bricks) not exposed to heat in a kiln.
      ‘For unburnt brick lasts well enough so long as it is protected from the weather, but rapidly goes to pieces when exposed to it.’