Definition of unbury in English:


verbunburies, unburying, unburied

[with object]
  • Remove (someone or something) from under the ground or from under a deep covering.

    ‘Creon orders the man to go back and unbury the body’
    ‘rescuers unburied him within 20 minutes of the avalanche’
    ‘he was able to help many of his patients unbury hidden emotions’
    • ‘We are still unburying the bones, the remains, of the people who got killed.’
    • ‘After the artist's eerily long period of absolute stillness, an assistant unburies him with urgent, rescuelike speed and efficiency.’
    • ‘The seed was found buried during an excavation of an ancient mountain fortress - so they unburied it, sat around wondering what to do with it for a while before burying it again.’
    • ‘He unburied it and allowed all his knowledge of texture and color to play over it.’
    • ‘We arrived back on Assateague Island to unbury and set up our sand-covered tents, and continue our merry vacation until its end back in Pittsburgh.’
    • ‘He slowly unburied himself from the gravel and continued on his journey.’
    dig up, excavate, exhume, disinter, bring to the surface, mine, quarry, pull out, root out, scoop out, disentomb, unbury