Definition of uncared in English:



uncared for
  • Not looked after properly.

    ‘it was sad to see the old place uncared for and neglected’
    • ‘he grinned, showing surprisingly uncared-for teeth’
    • ‘The area has deteriorated with rubbish in front gardens and properties uncared for.’
    • ‘I'm tossed around, uncared for, and mistreated.’
    • ‘The villa remained abandoned, and uncared for.’
    • ‘Something about the twisted buildings made her sad, sad that they had been abandoned, uncared for.’
    • ‘The entire family had drifted off after Grandma's death, most of them settling in cities and the house had remained neglected and uncared for.’
    • ‘It drags an area down and it makes it look uncared for.’
    • ‘While several have received the care and support that they need, many others have died on the streets, uncared for, lonely, abused and forgotten…’
    • ‘And similar to the aftermath of the Holocaust, many people in Rwanda are suffering from trauma and disease, while children are orphaned and mass execution sites remain uncared for.’
    • ‘Last year I came back again and found, to my dismay and disappointment, a shabby, untidy and uncared for cluster of poorly kept houses with shocking colour schemes.’
    • ‘Though she had rescued several injured and badly wounded chimpanzees the world over, none had been so badly treated and left uncared for, Ms. Goodall felt.’
    • ‘Instead of being a hotbed of thriving life and action it is a hotbed of crime and depravity, allowed to overwhelm a forgotten, overlooked, uncared for community!’
    • ‘Beer sugars that are left uncared for become mouldy and skunky, as I'm sure you know if you have ever come across a half-empty beer days or weeks after a party.’
    • ‘Drastic proposals that could leave some veterans uncared for.’
    • ‘And after that, the uncared for building itself would settle into shapelessness, buried under the ubiquity of the dust.’
    • ‘The vibe I pick up is that people think the city is uncared for.’
    • ‘Many of the sites of mass execution remain uncared for.’
    • ‘This is not a property that should be purchased solely for its agricultural land with the house remaining vacant and uncared for.’
    • ‘Artificial plants of different shapes and hues stand imposingly and continue to exist for years even if left uncared for.’
    • ‘A large proportion of the children will die from beatings, hunger or diseases from dirt and uncared for wounds.’
    • ‘Wooden fencing round the gardens on the ground floors, already broken down and rotting, the patches inside still uncared for.’
    uncared for, mistreated, abandoned, forsaken



/ˌənˈkerd/ /ˌənˈkɛrd/