Definition of unceremoniously in English:


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  • With a lack of courtesy; roughly or abruptly.

    ‘he was unceremoniously dumped by the record company’
    • ‘she was shoved unceremoniously towards the door’
    • ‘A disappointing trading update in March saw the chief executive fall unceremoniously on his sword a few weeks later.’
    • ‘The case, which went unreported, had already been unceremoniously rejected in the High Court.’
    • ‘There's a squealy axe solo unceremoniously tacked on the end, naturally.’
    • ‘All eleven episodes of Season One, including the 90-minute pilot, are dumped quite unceremoniously onto two two-sided discs.’
    • ‘The action fizzles out rather unceremoniously at the halfway mark.’



/ˌənserəˈmōnēəslē/ /ˌənsɛrəˈmoʊniəsli/