Definition of unceremoniousness in English:



See unceremonious

‘But the reason for stripping the event of the informality and unceremoniousness of a regulation rock concert became quickly evident.’
  • ‘Many people have conflicted responses to his brusqueness or unceremoniousness - or superciliousness.’
  • ‘The paintings are borne by an energy and unceremoniousness issuing from the canvases, grasping the audience.’
  • ‘The first place for unceremoniousness should go to an article which appeared, sad to relate, in the central press organ of our comrades in Germany (Vorwärts, August 28).’
  • ‘The next morning as I sat at breakfast, Mrs. Cook, who was still living at Redhill, ran into my room with an apology for the unceremoniousness of her visit.’