Definition of uncombined in English:


Pronunciation /ˌənkəmˈbīnd/ /ˌənkəmˈbaɪnd/


  • 1Not joined or merged to form a single unit or substance.

    ‘the linking of previously uncombined genres’
    • ‘How many pure, uncombined, vowels are there in General American speech?’
    • ‘These uncombined suffixes very materially modify the meaning of the verb to speak.’
    • ‘As connected with the human will, emotion is never uncombined with thought.’
    1. 1.1Chemistry (of an element) not combined in a compound.
      ‘uncombined nitrogen’
      • ‘The oxidation state of any atom in an uncombined element is equal to zero.’
      • ‘It is a measurement of pressure exerted by uncombined oxygen molecules dissolved in plasma.’
      • ‘Only a few metals such as gold, silver and copper are found pure in nature, uncombined with other elements.’
      • ‘These elements are also rarely found uncombined in nature.’
      • ‘The specific gravity of the alloy is greater than that of the two metals in an uncombined state.’
      non-compound, non-complex, uncompounded, uncombined, unmixed, unblended, unalloyed, pure, basic, single, elementary, fundamental