Definition of uncompressed in English:



  • (of data) not compressed.

    ‘The resulting email system has operational costs for international email transfers below $10 per megabyte of uncompressed text.’
    • ‘Its entire source tree is just over 1MB in size, fully uncompressed.’
    • ‘Certain users may only want particular resolutions or compression ratios (e.g. a serious researcher may require an uncompressed high resolution image).’
    • ‘Besides the tape's threshold, users were using uncompressed mode.’
    • ‘You could keep dozens - maybe even a hundred - uncompressed multi-megapixel images on board.’
    • ‘Super DLT provides substantially higher data storage capacity, delivering more than 100GB of uncompressed storage capacity on a single cartridge.’
    • ‘The Viper 200 will provide native 100GB uncompressed data capacity.’
    • ‘An uncompressed file will probably only fit on a DVD-RAM drive, which is capable of holding 2.5 GB of information.’
    • ‘It would take all my Wi-Fi bandwidth just to do an uncompressed data stream.’
    • ‘Smaller projects are temporarily stored as uncompressed tiff files, until retrieved by the requestor.’
    • ‘If you want your music uncompressed, then it can store well over 100 hours of listening pleasure.’
    • ‘For both compressed and uncompressed, upload times were a bit lower in each case.’
    • ‘The downside, of course, is that to restore the data, the entire compressed unit must be uncompressed to restore even a small portion.’
    • ‘The high-resolution uncompressed TIFF image files were then converted into the JPEG2000 format.’
    • ‘Drive capacities are native, uncompressed capacities.’
    • ‘This file is quite large when uncompressed (around 800 K compressed and 10 Mb uncompressed).’
    • ‘An uncompressed 1 megabyte file takes 146 seconds to upload at 56K.’
    • ‘As both media become increasingly digitised, they are requiring high-performance network and storage systems to transport and store uncompressed high-definition imagery.’
    • ‘When you leave the pure playback domain, all the footage is uncompressed and captured from some esoteric device.’
    • ‘When they finish with this data, the file is left uncompressed for better performance.’



/ˌənkəmˈprest/ /ˌənkəmˈprɛst/