Definition of unconcealed in English:


Pronunciation /ˌənkənˈsēld/ /ˌənkənˈsild/

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  • (especially of an emotion) not concealed; obvious.

    ‘Sophie looked around her with unconcealed curiosity’
    • ‘In performing that valuable service, Friedman has also acquired something of a reputation as a cheerleader for globalisation, a development in human history he embraces with unconcealed enthusiasm.’
    • ‘Aside from their unconcealed disdain for the ruling clerics in Tehran, they are characterized by an intense nationalism and not a little intergroup disagreement over where Iran should be headed.’
    • ‘Even Gough's unconcealed fury at not having been included in England's one-day squad for the tours of Bangladesh and Sri Lanka could bring Yorkshire the win they so desperately needed to keep alive their hopes of avoiding the drop.’
    • ‘That explains the unconcealed wrath of Lalkishenchand and the menial manners of Naraadham raining hell fire on Mr Lyngdoh in particular, and on whistleblowers and curtain-raisers in general.’
    • ‘Then Jack is killed and their stern father Ray reacts with unconcealed fury, asserting: ‘He took the wrong son.’’
    • ‘Stir in Jardine's unconcealed disdain for Australians generally, and it is tempting to look back on the bodyline Test series as a contest between Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker.’
    • ‘‘With a baby and an album I feel like a mother of twins,’ Mutafchieva said with unconcealed pride.’
    • ‘Boris Johnson interviews Lord Butler of Brockwell with unconcealed admiration.’
    • ‘I told the archivist with unconcealed pride that he was a distant relative.’
    • ‘His poison pen - dripping with unconcealed disdain for jurists who lack his intellectual consistency - has limited his ability to bring his current colleagues around to his point of view.’
    • ‘‘I'm a guest of Ms. Beckworth's for the evening,’ he said, almost laughing at the girl's unconcealed disappointment.’
    • ‘She writes a large chunk of the book's episodes with unconcealed pleasure at having been an associate of this ‘high circle.’’
    • ‘The raid, which failed, was followed by a lengthy and inconclusive inquiry by a select committee of the Commons, at which Rhodes acted with unconcealed contempt and arrogance.’
    • ‘Michael is looking at him with unconcealed contempt.’
    • ‘Her father, however, wore an expression of unconcealed anger.’
    • ‘My father's lip curled up in unconcealed contempt.’
    • ‘Annie Courtney, to her unconcealed fury, was deselected.’
    • ‘Ryo was the only one who had never been there before, and he looked around with unconcealed interest as they rode up to the mansion.’
    • ‘The announcement of these measures was met with unconcealed enthusiasm by most of the mass media and the dominant political forces.’
    • ‘There were glowing globes instead of candles; she looked at those with unconcealed interest.’
    clear, plain, plain to see, crystal clear, evident, apparent, manifest, patent, conspicuous, pronounced, transparent, clear-cut, palpable, prominent, marked, decided, salient, striking, distinct, bold, noticeable, perceptible, perceivable, visible, discernible, detectable, observable, tangible, recognizable