Definition of unconnectedly in English:



See unconnected

‘I am always surprised how bare our house looks when the Christmas decorations come down; and this unconnectedly coincides with the fall in demand for fatstock, triggered by post-festive realism that we are short of money.’
  • ‘The implications of the ‘court composer’ title capture something of the sense of Britten's power as well as, not unconnectedly, the sense of resentment that this in turn fostered.’
  • ‘They have been, not so unconnectedly, behaving this way for years.’
  • ‘I, on the other hand, do well in IQ tests, and, unconnectedly, believe this to be a meaningful predictor of intelligence.’



/ˌənkəˈnektədlē/ /ˌənkəˈnɛktədli/