Definition of unconsolable in English:



  • Inconsolable.

    ‘We all remembered the way the last one started - that alien-green sky alive with tracer fire, gauzy detonations, muffled thumps, unconsolable sirens.’
    • ‘Now even at that tender age, I must have has a pretty strong sense of my manhood (after all girls were all horrible and silly), and was pretty much unconsolable for a good 10 minutes.’
    • ‘When she had these outbursts, she was unconsolable.’
    • ‘Friends of Dorothy everywhere are said to be unconsolable.’
    • ‘However, I should point out that it's not a miracle cure - he's still hard to settle, just streets away from the unconsolable crier he was.’
    • ‘It'd have to be something that sends the congregation into unconsolable floods of tears.’
    • ‘Who is abandoned, the heroic poet adrift on the high seas, venturing forth on uncharted waters, or the unconsolable reader, temporarily buoyed up by the currents that must eventually submerge him?’
    • ‘Christ, in his defeat of the unconsolable one, consoles his disciples and Mary and, in the process, defends Scripture against Satan's attack upon it.’



/ˌənkənˈsōləb(ə)l/ /ˌənkənˈsoʊləb(ə)l/