Definition of uncontrollability in English:



See uncontrollable

‘One of the most salient negative cognitions in anxiety is the sense of uncontrollability.’
  • ‘Thus, the web image gives a vision of an open world, which always keeps its features of unpredictability and uncontrollability.’
  • ‘It is the belief of uncontrollability that is the stressful reality.’
  • ‘And thirdly, the uncontrollability of the capitalist economy will be a thing of the past.’
  • ‘It is as if these artists work to reveal all the contortions and uncontrollability of the society whose inconsistencies they sought to disclose.’
  • ‘And they certainly improve my awareness of the processes of my mind, the ebb and flow of my emotions and the essential unpredictability and uncontrollability of daily life.’
  • ‘What implications do the interactivity and uncontrollability associated with the new media have for media strategy?’
  • ‘The uncontrollability of the disaster is reassessed because the viewer is caught in the scene, in a crime, in the fate of humanity itself.’
  • ‘Our research demonstrates that high-control students can do well despite the uncontrollability inherent in such transition periods because of their effort, persistence, tenacity, and willingness to influence their circumstances.’
  • ‘It has been assumed that when stressors are uncontrollable the organism learns this, and that it is this uncontrollability that sets off the neural cascade.’