Definition of uncreated in English:



  • 1(especially of a divine being) existing without having been created.

    1. 1.1Not yet created.
      ‘The iconic faces are earthen masks softly manifesting a light from within, with distinct final strokes representing the enlivening action of uncreated grace.’
      • ‘An especially appealing perception of the place came from Cher, who believed that the faces were natural, uncreated formations.’
      • ‘Edwards also thought that ‘nothing has existence anywhere else… but either in created or uncreated consciousness.’’
      • ‘He comes to recognize that his spirit is itself uncreated.’
      • ‘He spoke of something wholly divine and uncreated in the human soul.’
      • ‘He was an orthodox Aristotelian in his view of the cosmos as unique, uncreated, and geocentric.’



/ˌənkrēˈādəd/ /ˌənkriˈeɪdəd/