Definition of uncreative in English:



  • Not having or involving imagination or original ideas.

    ‘So if you take it and call it your own, you're just uncreative and have no imagination.’
    • ‘In 1989 I went to the Stanford Business School in California with a typical doctor's view of management: boring, uncreative, and best left to those incapable of doing anything better.’
    • ‘What bothers me the most about the film industry is when productions take a mediocre and uncreative script and think that they can turn it into a piece of brilliant artwork by stacking their cast.’
    • ‘At school, maths was the driest, most uncreative subject for me.’
    • ‘A thought begins to form, that whoever named the parts and actions of a boat did so in an arbitrary and uncreative manner.’
    • ‘She was an expert, albeit very uncreative, programmer but her blog content had almost nothing going for it.’
    • ‘Yet we're very uncreative when it comes to thinking about our business models differently.’
    • ‘These are whiny, uncreative and boring authors.’
    • ‘These boring, uncreative cocktail parties seemed to be frequented by the same boring, uncreative people anyway.’
    • ‘Most slogans tend to be boring and uncreative things like ‘building a better tomorrow’ or ‘putting the honesty back in politics.’’
    • ‘It's boring, uncreative and totally counter-productive.’
    • ‘It was uncreative, unimaginative and lacking any spark.’
    • ‘No one who works for me is an uncreative robot uninterested in science.’
    • ‘He claims that Ebi is uncreative and unintelligent and is nothing more than a parrot.’
    • ‘In contrast, if group members think he is relatively uncreative, they may deem his ideas to be distracting and even annoying.’
    • ‘Or, if you're feeling uncreative, you can listen to MP3s or FM Radio.’
    • ‘Progress would dry up as creative minds wasted their best years in uncreative apprenticeships, under the sour scrutiny of their elders.’
    • ‘Or are we stuck wading through this - the most uncreative kind of marketing - for the rest of our lives?’
    • ‘Sure, a cool ropes course might bring a camper back one year, but probably not for many years if the staff is bored and uncreative.’
    • ‘I find it very difficult to comprehend how completely uncoordinated and uncreative people can be with craft activities.’
    dull, plodding, boring, tedious, monotonous, uneventful, unremarkable, tiresome, wearisome, uninspired, uncreative, unimaginative, unexciting, uninteresting, lifeless, dry



/ˌənkrēˈādiv/ /ˌənkriˈeɪdɪv/