Definition of uncritically in English:



  • With a lack of criticism or consideration of whether something is right or wrong.

    ‘he uncritically accepts lunatic ideas and believes almost anything’
    • ‘This is a superficial memorialisation which an analytical history ought not uncritically reproduce.’
    • ‘The reporter should not be touting uncritically the myths of the defectors.’
    • ‘The film posits that uncritically trusting in any system whatsoever inevitably leads to disastrous consequences.’
    • ‘Admittedly, some marketing people are uncritically gushing in their admiration of the Emperor's new Paco Rabanne coat.’
    • ‘I would argue that this combination of stunningly bold conceptual break-throughs on matters of history, class and progress, with uncritically trite and commonplace approaches to gender, explains a great deal about what is best and worst in their work.’



/ˌənˈkridəklē/ /ˌənˈkrɪdəkli/