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  • 1Not cut.

    ‘her hair was left uncut’
    • ‘I instantly dove into the thick, uncut grass that was taller than me at the time.’
    • ‘Residents have complained about rubbish along the embankments and footpaths, overgrown shrubs and uncut grass verges, graffiti on brickwork and overhead bridges, and lack of working CCTV cameras.’
    • ‘My vegetarian pizza came in the authentic Italian style - uncut - and was, well, just what you would expect from a vegetarian pizza.’
    • ‘Calls have also been made for the protection of the remaining 25,000 hectares of uncut raised bog, mainly in the Midlands, which is of high wildlife value, according to experts.’
    • ‘Our research revealed that in some areas there was an outcry if councils left verges uncut.’
    • ‘I could run outside into the rain, stomp my bare feet on the (ten-week) uncut wet grass, and have my own private Glastonbury experience with all the comforts of home.’
    • ‘Here we walked through a large lawn of uncut grasses dotted with early-summer bulbs and flowers following a winding, mowed path leading into shrubbery and woodland.’
    • ‘The hedges were as yet uncut and were fizzing with little birds, notably bright yellowhammers, and sloes dressed with a dark bloom hung enormous like grapes.’
    • ‘It is practically surrounded by boggy land some still uncut and all the rest reclaimed and, like Charlestown, was a new town, as ages of towns go.’
    • ‘A fall of snow in late October covered the remnants of uncut corn and effectively terminated harvesting.’
    • ‘In view of concerns expressed by environmental activists, trees on roads which are widened are left uncut.’
    • ‘A local timber company had set aside a small area of uncut timber around the tree, partly as a recreational resource and partly as a gesture to environmentalists.’
    • ‘As predicted, Jenny moved alongside of her, following her to the cart to dump the wheat and back again to the scythe and the remaining acre of uncut wheat crop, all the while talking without stopping.’
    • ‘Lost in considering the ramifications of that prospect, I watched her turn left at the corner of the remaining uncut grass, following our cutting pattern.’
    • ‘High grade, uncut cool is the hallmark of one of Christchurch's most kickin’ bars.’
    • ‘If a bird needs to eat the flies which thrive on uncut grass tussocks, then regular cutting of the grass for silage is going to be a problem.’
    hairy, hirsute, bushy, thick, woolly, fleecy, long-haired, unshorn, uncut, shock-headed
    1. 1.1(of a text, movie, or performance) complete; unabridged.
      ‘Though some may decry the lack of uncut versions of each film, the fact is this will most likely be the definitive version of this series.’
      • ‘For starters, they feature the uncut version of the film.’
      • ‘In the film experiment, some participants would view the original uncut film and others the edited version.’
      • ‘There are two versions of the film, a longer uncut version running over three hours, and a shorter version that runs two-and-a-half hours.’
      • ‘All the films are presented completely uncut, and all have uniformly the same quality in the transfers.’
      • ‘I wish some of the uncut promotional films or other expanded footage from the period had been included.’
      • ‘The series aired on CBC in Canada and on HBO in America; a bowdlerised version appeared later on CBS, and 13 uncut editions found their way across the Atlantic to C4.’
      • ‘I don't know why an uncut version of this film still isn't available here in the UK.’
      • ‘The film was not screened in Japan in an uncut version until this year.’
      • ‘This new uncut edition promises to be the definitive version of the hallucinatory classic.’
      • ‘The movie explodes often and in sometimes gruesome fashion, especially in this extended, uncut director's version.’
      • ‘Of all the permutations one can experience, the recommendation is to go with the uncut anamorphic widescreen version.’
      • ‘International festival screenings of the uncut version followed in a somewhat haphazard fashion.’
      • ‘One of the bonus features of this DVD is the fact that they give you both the R-rated version and the uncut / unrated version as well.’
      • ‘But what you do get, once in a while, are ‘R’ rated films that show up unrated, or other similarly censored films in uncut form.’
      • ‘The uncut R rated version is the one offered here.’
      • ‘Unfortunately, though this DVD claims to be the uncut version, it is not.’
      • ‘The uncut version, which was the one I saw, runs to almost five and a half hours.’
      • ‘Reading the press material, I grew excited at the thought of seeing the uncut version.’
      • ‘All twelve chapters are presented complete and uncut on a dual-layered disc.’
      complete, entire, whole, intact, full-length, uncut, unshortened, unreduced, uncondensed, unexpurgated
    2. 1.2(of a stone, especially a diamond) not shaped by cutting.
      ‘No wafer thin bangles, and modestly diminutive chains here - the jewellery is unabashedly elaborate, studded with brilliant uncut rubies, diamonds and emeralds.’
      • ‘According to the U.S. State Department, revenue from rough and uncut diamonds mined in conflict areas forms a large percentage of the commodity's over $50 billion in annual sales.’
      • ‘This is due to the Precious Metals Act, which stipulates that it is illegal for individuals to own unwrought gold (and uncut diamonds) in the country.’
      • ‘Informal and unrecorded exports of gold and diamonds produce the same outcome, and are particularly damaging if the gold or the uncut diamonds were imported into the country.’
      • ‘Their unpolished uncut stones are displayed on about 30 tables.’
      • ‘They were made of some sort of prefabricated uncut stone or something.’
      • ‘Jada would stoop over after he stormed out and pick up the sparkling pieces, jagged like uncut diamonds.’
      • ‘It turned out that this was the largest uncut diamond that had ever been found.’
      • ‘Abel Herzberg was the son of a broker of uncut diamonds and grew up in Amsterdam.’
      • ‘Our main business was trading in rough or uncut diamonds.’
      • ‘Her designs are simple and tactile - even diamonds are left uncut.’
      • ‘And that is always a possibility with this intriguing man, a leader with as many sides as an uncut diamond.’
      • ‘However, we do know of $47m worth of gold bars and uncut diamonds in a safety deposit box in Milton Keynes.’
      • ‘The ex-Army officer proved at London Scottish that he has superb organisational skills, an eye for uncut diamond players and an ability to work within a tight budget.’
      • ‘As the saying goes, ‘An uncut gem does not sparkle.’’
      • ‘On display are approximately twenty-two hundred minerals, nine hundred cut and uncut gems, and nine hundred fossils.’
      • ‘They sell unpolished and uncut stones in an open space, cluttered with tables.’
      • ‘Before them was a pile of gold bars, a pile of rubies, and a pile of uncut diamonds.’
      • ‘The work was delayed when £10,000 of uncut paving stone, due to be laid on the pavements, was stolen from the back of a lorry in June.’
      • ‘The world's biggest diamond producer also put in place last year, a marketing channel, which sells uncut, diamonds only to selected and approved polishers.’
    3. 1.3(of alcohol or a drug) not diluted or adulterated.
      ‘large amounts of uncut heroin’
      • ‘Someone's gotten their hands on several kilos of pure, uncut cocaine.’
      • ‘A few days before returning home to his wife Marge and young daughter in Berkeley, John stumbles into a deal on two kilos of uncut heroin.’
      undiluted, neat, unmixed, unadulterated, pure, unblended, uncut
    4. 1.4mainly historical (of a book) with the edges of its pages not slit open or trimmed off.
      ‘Probably the printers had gone home for the day, so there would have been no clanking flatbed press, but large sheets of uncut book pages would have been hanging from overhead wooden racks in the ceiling, the ink drying.’
      • ‘Why is it posh to have the edges of the pages uncut?’
    5. 1.5(of fabric) having its pile loops intact.
      ‘A loop carpet means the surface is composed of uncut loops.’
      • ‘Detailed paper patterns for the robes and uncut lengths of fabric are included to illustrate the intricate preparation behind these garments.’