Definition of undamaged in English:


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  • Not harmed or damaged.

    ‘buildings undamaged during the war’
    • ‘Miraculously, while there had been flood damage the building was structurally undamaged.’
    • ‘Bayeaux, as a city, remained undamaged in the war even though the Allied beach landings took place just miles from the city.’
    • ‘He said the Great Hall survived ‘fairly intact’, and all the rooms at the front of the castle were undamaged.’
    • ‘But Mr Kemp said although tiles were ripped from his roof, properties at either side of their house were undamaged.’
    • ‘Nevertheless, they recovered the stolen paintings almost undamaged and put the raider behind bars in little over a year.’
    • ‘Police called to say they had found her car abandoned but undamaged.’
    • ‘They now hope these images will help them identify the culprits who dumped the undamaged car on a York street hours later.’
    • ‘He found the undamaged ticket on the ground and posted it to the National Joint Pitch Council to claim the winnings.’
    • ‘Mr Matthews, who was staying overnight in the house as a guest, said he was not hurt and the room he was staying in was undamaged.’
    • ‘Dudley had come clean as soon as he was arrested and both the vehicle and the trailer were returned to their owners undamaged.’
    • ‘Though some of the buildings looked undamaged, he said residents might think twice before returning.’
    • ‘Engineers and recovery officials say that large parts of the underground storage rooms are undamaged.’
    • ‘Samantha went round and was delighted to find it was Danielle's chair - and was undamaged.’
    • ‘Why did a group of enterprising thieves steal the famous Mona Lisa and then return it undamaged a few months later?’
    • ‘Apparently, the contents of the whisky cupboard were undamaged, to the relief of all concerned.’
    • ‘The wing mirror on the woman's car was smashed, but Dawson's wing mirror was undamaged and he drove on.’
    • ‘Check that leads, plugs and sockets are undamaged and unplug all appliances.’
    • ‘Goods can be returned within 28 days with a receipt as long as they're unworn and undamaged.’
    • ‘I picked up one of the undamaged copies, and I felt as though I had to handle the pages gingerly.’
    • ‘The items will only be required for about a week and will be returned to their owners undamaged afterwards.’
    perfect, without blemish, unblemished, unmarked, unimpaired



/ˌənˈdamijd/ /ˌənˈdæmɪdʒd/