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  • Not provided or marked with a date.

    ‘most of his letters are undated’
    • ‘Things like shares are effectively like undated securities, because they have no redemption date.’
    • ‘Most oaths are undated, and I have had to estimate dates based on their context.’
    • ‘I recently printed an undated picture of a crowded station at Adlington, where, if you recall, I mentioned that everyone was wearing head gear of some kind.’
    • ‘The tenant, who refused to allow his name to be published, says he recently received the unsigned, undated letter on Yamiro stationery.’
    • ‘In the references, many of which were undated, Huntley was described as ‘reliable, honest and trustworthy’.’
    • ‘An undated copy of the memorandum was obtained by The New York Times.’
    • ‘In one untitled and undated photograph, a group of Buddhist women pray before an altar filled with joss sticks.’
    • ‘It appears that an undated letter sent out last month by Royal Mail advises everyone of their intention to combine first and second deliveries.’
    • ‘Though undated, the wedding pictures were all apparently taken before the Second World War and show a selection of wedding styles.’
    • ‘The picture, undated I am afraid, shows the building in its former glory.’
    • ‘The undated photograph was made in a studio in the elegant Konigsallee in Dusseldorf.’
    • ‘On second glance it becomes clear how undated these images are.’
    • ‘This page from his notebook is undated, but probably comes from the period around 1900.’
    • ‘It is also noteworthy that the painting in the auction seems to be undated.’
    • ‘They are undated and no records exist telling how the works entered the collection.’
    • ‘An undated price list refers to handles, escutcheons, plates, and hinges available in nickel-plate or gilt finishes.’
    • ‘The letter is undated, but is believed to have been sent in November 1931.’
    • ‘An undated letter was received from the Credit Union indicating only that Ms. Vanderhyden was hired as a replacement for a data clerk on maternity leave.’
    • ‘The biggest surprise is how undated these songs come across, especially considering dance music's typically rapid sell-by date.’
    • ‘He supplied a court, or the Crown supplied a court, a statement that was undated, unsigned and unwitnessed and put that in as evidence which the court accepted it.’



/ˌənˈdādəd/ /ˌənˈdeɪdəd/