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  • Not defended.

    ‘undefended frontiers’
    • ‘legal aid for undefended divorces’
    • ‘Not realising that he was charged with a capital offence, the undefended Downey pleaded guilty.’
    • ‘The agency has told Harrogate Council that the 11-acre site beside the River Ure is within an undefended area and the risk of flooding is unacceptable.’
    • ‘It is the world's longest undefended frontier.’
    • ‘There was no effective communication system within the stadium, and the police proved unable to prevent illegal entry across undefended fencing.’
    • ‘And a vulnerable nation was left undefended against an unspeakable threat.’
    • ‘Although its harbour was left undefended, often causing shortages, the Goths could not capture Rome.’
    • ‘Close to two typical Cornish settlements enclosed by ditches and banks known as ‘rounds’, this one was apparently undefended.’
    • ‘But only 66 properties, all of them currently undefended, were inundated after rivers and streams burst their banks.’
    • ‘The Scandinavians actually found the city undefended, and entered it on 1 November 866.’
    • ‘So, did we therefore see a Champions League title go undefended?’
    • ‘The assault by Flemings in 1174 apparently went undefended and the city was sacked.’
    • ‘The Sea Beggars found it undefended as Spanish troops were in Utrecht putting down riots.’
    • ‘You of all people should have known that we'd never leave my vessel undefended.’
    • ‘Oh look, there it is, slap bang in the middle of that big empty room, totally undefended.’
    • ‘She walks like a lady of promise and stature, alone and undefended on the street.’
    • ‘The attack could render a significant portion of the military forces either undefended or non-operational leaving them in a highly vulnerable position.’
    • ‘We don't know what they have already over there, and I don't want to leave this position undefended trying to take out a garrison station.’
    • ‘On that date, Colonel James Montgomery took several companies of the regiment on a raid to the undefended and nearly deserted town of Darien.’
    • ‘Since they are wearing bug repellent they only have a very small few spots on their body that is left undefended and ripe for the picking, and these sweet spots can sometimes be pretty hard to get at.’
    • ‘My own conclusion, which I shall leave undefended here, is that such an investigation leads to the view that cases of moral luck are both inescapable and troubling.’
    in danger, in peril, in jeopardy, at risk, endangered, unsafe, unprotected, ill-protected, unguarded



/ˌəndəˈfendəd/ /ˌəndəˈfɛndəd/