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  • Not clear or defined.

    ‘undefined areas of jurisdiction’
    • ‘he felt an undefined longing’
    • ‘How vague and indistinct and undefined the ideas of most men are upon the subject!’
    • ‘They can latch onto a rhetoric of ‘social justice,’ ever vague and undefined.’
    • ‘In this latest reply, however, you seem to be shifting the definition a bit to make it more vague and undefined.’
    • ‘Maybe it was easier to scare people if the object of fear remained vague and undefined.’
    • ‘Her eyes strained to see through the darkness, but she could only make out shadowy, undefined figures.’
    • ‘After fifteen more attacks, that hope had dwindled to a vague, undefined optimism.’
    • ‘In other words, time is a difficult concept to define and is often left undefined.’
    • ‘At least some of the candidates were quick to recognize the potential for abstraction within these laudable yet undefined goals.’
    • ‘The plan is to pay a premium, still significantly lower than the Fairtrade price, to farmers who satisfy a set of ethical criteria, as yet undefined.’
    • ‘What first seemed like a glorious but undefined adventure is starting to take practical shape - at least in our minds.’
    • ‘This undefined group of citizens seems to be a favorite of politicians on both ends of the political spectrum.’
    • ‘Regrettably, this draft constitution, which is replete with jargon and undefined terms, fails to heed that lesson.’
    • ‘The feeling was so strange; I wandered round the house with an undefined nostalgic yearning.’
    • ‘It's a Humpty-Dumpty word, with many different meanings, often undefined by the user.’
    • ‘They also talked about me coming to work there in a currently undefined capacity.’
    • ‘Myers, who had met Jones from her waitressing days, offered her a undefined role in his business and she leapt at the chance.’
    • ‘However just because the rules of blogging are undefined does not mean we cannot play the same game.’
    • ‘Details of the technical procedures for registration are, however, totally undefined.’
    • ‘In these opening scenes only Clooney is ever captured in focus, bodies flow around him but they are fuzzy outlines, blurred and undefined.’
    • ‘He had the strong yet undefined torso of a teenager and the look of a sensitive artist, with pale skin and thin, red lips.’
    unspecified, unexplained, non-specific, unspecific, indeterminate, undetermined, unfixed, unsettled
    indistinct, indefinite, formless, indistinguishable, barely perceptible, vague, hazy, misty, shadowy, nebulous, dim, obscure, blurred, blurry, bleary, out of focus
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/ˌəndəˈfīnd/ /ˌəndəˈfaɪnd/