Definition of under a spell in English:

under a spell


  • Not fully in control of one's thoughts and actions, as though in a state of enchantment.

    ‘the beauty of the land put me under a spell’
    • ‘I felt like I was under a spell, and could no longer control my body.’
    • ‘I don't want to say under a spell, that seems trite.’
    • ‘On stage he comes alive and places the audience under a spell; outside of it, he works fiercely with a number of charities and human rights organisations.’
    • ‘Her heart is racing - she feels like she's under a spell.’
    • ‘The soft music continued to blare from the small stereo that she owned, the symphony sounding brilliant and almost hypnotic, taking Eva under a spell.’
    • ‘As if under a spell or hypnotized, she couldn't escape.’
    • ‘I just stood there staring dumbly like someone under a spell.’
    • ‘He slid to the ground silently, almost as if he were under a spell.’
    • ‘All she had to do was smile, and Alex would be completely taken away, more like captivated under a spell.’
    • ‘He looked back at Eugene who seemed to be under a spell and thoughts rushed through his mind.’