Definition of under fire in English:

under fire

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  • 1Being shot at.

    ‘observers sent to look for the men came under heavy fire’
    • ‘Armies would thus come under fire long before they could even see their enemy, let alone attack his positions.’
    • ‘At Pourville, too, the South Saskatchewan Regiment beached without coming under fire.’
    • ‘Sgt Cox showed personal courage and skill while under fire from hostile militia.’
    • ‘Instructions were, should the ship come under fire, to tend wounded regardless of their own safety.’
    • ‘The following year Banting received the Military Cross for bravery under fire.’
    • ‘Many tales of Harrison's heroism and bravery under fire were retold by veterans.’
    • ‘They were under fire from the enemy, but their service and skills were needed desperately.’
    • ‘He was awarded the Military Cross for his bravery in treating casualties under fire in the desert.’
    • ‘My unit is the first unit to build under fire since World War II over the Rhine River.’
    • ‘It was one of the first beach landings of the war, and the Americans came under fire.’
    1. 1.1Being rigorously criticized.
      ‘the president was under fire from all sides’
      • ‘The penny seems to have dropped at head office, which has been under fire from critics for its woeful neglect of its European operations.’
      • ‘He is already under fire from critics in his own party for failing to return immediately to Washington once the hijackings got under way.’
      • ‘A public schools district plan to teach a bible course is coming under fire from critics.’
      • ‘The four-sided, four metre-high sculpture came under fire from critics who branded it a waste of money.’
      • ‘Actors, directors and critics all come under fire as we are invited to laugh at the melodramatic play within a play.’
      • ‘Charter airlines based at Manchester Airport have come under fire in a critical consumer survey.’
      • ‘The society's leadership is now under fire from numerous critics in academia and the science community.’
      • ‘Plans for a £5 surcharge on speeding tickets to fund victim support services came under fire last night.’
      • ‘The government also came under fire for not putting enough resources into education and social services.’
      • ‘The council is currently investigating the way it is run after coming under fire for its handling of a number of key issues in the town over the last year.’