Definition of under plain cover in English:

under plain cover

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  • In an envelope or parcel without any marks to identify the sender.

    ‘Sales literature posted will be sent under plain cover and will only bear names and addresses on the outside.’
    • ‘We'll send the relevant unbranded product spec sheets under plain cover direct to your clients.’
    • ‘All correspondence is sent under plain cover to an address of your choice.’
    • ‘All gift packs are sent under plain cover, free of charge by first class post.’
    • ‘Should you successfully conclude a contract please send it to me under plain cover.’
    • ‘Material was sent to their homes under plain cover.’
    • ‘We are also capable of delivering under plain cover.’
    • ‘Career Development Reports are mailed under plain cover and marked ‘STRICTLY PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL’.’
    • ‘Any publications chosen will be posted under plain cover within three days.’
    • ‘Same day courier delivery is under plain cover.’